sincerely yours, the performance…

eve waiting Eve sings AñA  AñA waiting unravelling meringue dropping train  1 cloud 2 ribbon ribbon   plea  4 fan 5 Xist sail laying envelopes from above yuri  3 leaf drop waltz  reflection2

some images from the performance on August 18 at BigCi.

Live original sound by Eve Klein ~ Textile Audio.

Photography by Jochen Spencer (with black frames) and Amanda James.

Additional photography by AñA Wojak & Yuri Bolotin.


spun sugar…

spun sugar

Today the weather is windy and wild.

I collected the mail

and treated myself to lunch

in the local restaurant.

I opened the letters

and read them over coffee

and tart with spun sugar.

Interesting to see patterns emerging in the letters

Lost love new love love you longtime joy regrets…

When I started to post the letters here

I was putting them up as I received them.

But with time I will be shuffling them, putting them with like minded.

So If your letter was in a post, and seems to have disappeared: don’t fret,

It has merely traveled to another post to hang with its kindred spirits.

And if you sent a recent contribution it may well be in an earlier post.

So keep scrolling & reading… and thankyou again

for the trust honesty and wonders of human emotion

that all the letter writers are generous enough to share.