MAP Festival Malaysia 22~23 November 2013…

1 window chia.e 2 window MAPfest.e 3 window chia.e 4 lisa letter train.e OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 6 letter train MAPf.e 7 haul simon.e 

9 ribbon simon.e

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 8 fan lisa.e 10 smiling letter nikki.e 11 letters kneeling Nikki.e OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 13 lisa waltz.e 14 end lisa.e

sincerely yours,

presented in the ruins of St Paul’s Church

Melaka Art & Performance Festival

22 ~ 24 November 2013

Melaka Malaysia.

1 aftermath A.e 2 installation lisa.e 3 installation A.e  5 spices A.e 4 lovers A.e 6 spices2 A.e

photos by: Chia Soo Chin, Simon Long, Lisa Anderson, AñA Wojak, Nikki Soo, Marina Batalha, MAP Fest.


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