surat surat cinta, Gallery Watusaman, Yogyakarta Java…

1 wideview.e 2 spice dress.e 3 envelopes flame.e

Love Letter Project comes to Java with an interactive sensory installation.

Performance residue is enhanced by evocative smells & audience contributions.

Aromatic spices: cinnamon, cardamon, cloves, ginger, tumeric are piled high on handmade recycled paper

(bahasa text still peeking through in fragments of torn newspaper within its pages).

4 spice letters.e 6 stone bowls.e

Stone bowls hold roses, chilli, brown sugar, vanilla bean & bitter medicinal bark.

The smells of Java… not unlike love:  perfumed, spicy, sweet, fiery & bitter….

scents mingling in the hot humid air.

7 heart spice.e 9 Xist

A writing table is installed opposite the performance residue/installation, and gallery visitors write their letters as the  performance soundscape is played in the gallery throughout the exhibition.

10 spice desk.e 11 letter writing 12 letter tin.e

In an ironic twist, the letters from Java were sent in a packet to Australia, only to be lost in the post… should they ever arrive from their unknown journey they will be added to the blog.

love cinta