surat surat cinta, Gallery Watusaman, Yogyakarta Java…

1 wideview.e 2 spice dress.e 3 envelopes flame.e

Love Letter Project comes to Java with an interactive sensory installation.

Performance residue is enhanced by evocative smells & audience contributions.

Aromatic spices: cinnamon, cardamon, cloves, ginger, tumeric are piled high on handmade recycled paper

(bahasa text still peeking through in fragments of torn newspaper within its pages).

4 spice letters.e 6 stone bowls.e

Stone bowls hold roses, chilli, brown sugar, vanilla bean & bitter medicinal bark.

The smells of Java… not unlike love:  perfumed, spicy, sweet, fiery & bitter….

scents mingling in the hot humid air.

7 heart spice.e 9 Xist

A writing table is installed opposite the performance residue/installation, and gallery visitors write their letters as the  performance soundscape is played in the gallery throughout the exhibition.

10 spice desk.e 11 letter writing 12 letter tin.e

In an ironic twist, the letters from Java were sent in a packet to Australia, only to be lost in the post… should they ever arrive from their unknown journey they will be added to the blog.

love cinta



the artist.. the composer… the patron.. the residency…

the artist.. the patron.. the residency...

AñA Wojak is an award winning interdiscipinary artist working in performance, painting, assemblage, installation and theatre design, with a particular interest in site-specificity, ritual and altered states.  Often durational in nature, she creates visually poetic pieces that resonate with a visceral depth.
Based in Lismore NSW, her work has been shown extensively throughout Australia and internationally. She has worked with Tony Yap Co, Pacitti Co,  La Pocha Nostra, senVoodoo (as co founder) and Felix Ruckert, amongst others. She has been exhibiting for 40 years and performing for 20 and was the recipient of the prestigious Blake Prize in 2004.
Following this residency she is performing at undisclosed territories#7 International Performance Art Meeting in Java as well as Melaka Arts Festival, Malaysia. In 2014 she is designing The Pomegranate Cycle for Prometheus Opera and showing stepping stones… .. culmination of a 4 year project retracing her family’s migration from Europe, at Lismore Regional Art Gallery, alongside a 30 year survey show at The Channon Gallery in Northern NSW.

Eve Klein is a Blue Mountains mezzo soprano and composer who straddles mainstream traditional opera and more experimental post classical sounds.Since 2002, Eve has been working as a professional operatic mezzo soprano, electronic musician and academic. The Textile Audio project finds her working with scores, field recordings, and operatic-pop composite vocals to weave rich melodic soundscapes and textures that she describes as “unashamedly romantic”.
She has a PhD in Music and Sound from Queensland University of Technology, and has performed in over 300 shows for Opera Australia. Eve’s opera The Pomegranate Cycle was released as an album in January and has been downloaded thirty thousand times, making it the most successful release to date for her label, Wood & Wire. This August Eve’s music will also feature in Underbelly Arts Festival (Cockatoo Island) and ICMC (Western Australian Museum).

Terry Reid is credited with beginning the movement of Mail Art in the South Pacific and, with Taii Ashizawa and Kunimasa Kuriyama, internationalizing Mail Art in Japan. Mail Art is a cross-cultural, intercontinental movement that began in the 1960s and involves sending visual art (but also music, sound art, poetry) through the postal system. Terry lives and works in Sydney and has maintained the practice of Mail Art since 1967.

BigCi is an independent, artist run, not for profit micro artist residency program located in Bilpin on the edge of the World Heritage listed Greater Blue Mountains, about one and a half hours drive away from Sydney, Australia. Bilpin is a quiet, isolated place, with a population of around 500, scattered in a thin, long wedge of rural land sandwiched between Wollemi National Park and Blue Mountains National Park.
The four-shop centre of Bilpin includes a small Post Office. Mail is not delivered to BigCi; it is personally collected at the Post Office.The ritual of the mail collection provides a point of social contact within the surrounds of pristine wilderness. Proposals for the Award needed to show how the artist wished to respond to the environment of Bilpin and specifically utilise the Bilpin Post Office, relating it in some way to the art.