Undisclosed Territories #7 Java. performance 1…

1 forest.e

Undisclosed Territories #7

International Performance Art Meeting

Solo,  Java   August 23~24 2013

Presenting two performances:

sincerely yours, (prelude)

& sincerely yours,

These images are from prelude, executed on the afternoon preceding the evening showing of sincerely yours,

Performed concurrently with other artists’ performance, each following their own trajectory. Sometimes their paths would cross. In this instance we see Halim HD with his work Book of Nothing & Waldemar Januszczak with untitled .

2 bridge.e  3 close up 3.e  4 Halim.e    6 stab3.e  7 rosenote2.e  8 paddy fields.e  9 multiple pages.e    11 back.e

Stand in forest

holding a rose.

Cross the bridge.

Walk the terrain

chiming a small bell


tear off a page

from red ink stained notepad

spray with rose perfume

stab a rose

onto the page

into the earth

ring the bell

continue on way

repeat 100 times

until pages exhausted.

Performance duration 150 minutes.